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DFTM has been teasing the Washington D.C scene for several years with their blend of rock, soul, funk, and promises of a grand full-length album release. From street performing at your local Metro station, to gigging at your favorite venues, Caleb Colin (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Stephen Luke (lead guitar) combine their unique styles of guitar bravado into a singular musical force, rarely seen from this generation. Witnesses of a DFTM live performance have described the experience as an electric, moving, sensual, and gratifying RELEASE THROUGH MUSIC.

The band has been hard at work on their first full-length album release for the last few years. Well worth the time, the album has been carefully recorded and self-produced to deliver a sonic experience that demands the world’s attention. The intense and sexual “Experienced” and the no-nonsense “Behind Us” are just a taste of what’s to come and are currently streaming everywhere. 

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